A great place for a party!


1 - Am I able to provide my own drink?

No alcohol is allowed to be brought on site - There is a well stocked bar provided in the price. If you wanted to provide free drinks for your guests then a tab can be run at the bar for part or all of the sales. If you would like to provide a special champagne for your event that is possible however there will be a corking charge. Please let us know if you would like to do this.

2 - Can I organise my own extra items like bouncy castles, marquees or other forms of entertainment?

Please inform us of any additions so we are are aware of what to expect and to organise where to locate any extra items.

3 - Are there any restrictions on how late we can party?

The latest any event can go on playing music is to Midnight as we have to be aware of how sound travels at night.

4 - I have some friends that have caravans and motor homes - Can they bring them to the farm?

Caravans are fine as well as small motorhomes but we are not able to accomodate large RV's. We are not able to provide hook ups.

5 - I would like to come on friday night too - is this possible?

Yes this is sometimes possible however there will be an extra charge for this. Please inform us if you want to come a day early.

6 - I would like to decorate the barn and make it look really special - when can I do this?

Great! Yes we really encourage lots of decorations. You are able to come down a few days before the event to decorate and prepare. All we ask is to let us know when you want to come.



If you would like an estimate for hiring costs please go to our Pricing Page


A great place for a party!